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Walking Towards Sunrise - Frank Gronich

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Frank Gronich’s extraordinary life story encompassed bothdevastation lows and exhilarating highs. Born a German – speaking Czech in theSudetenland in 1932, he was subject to the Nazi invasion at the beginning ofWorld War Two and the severe Russian occupation at war’s end. The Russians soonexpelled the Sudeten Germans, and Frank and his family, with just one suitcaseeach, were deported to West Germany. There, separated from his home and lovedones, Frank worked, for just room and board, on a number of German farms. Buthe always dreamed of a better life and worked hard to educate himself. Afterwinning a scholarship that enabled him to spend a year in the United States, heimmigrated to Canada in 1952 and eventually arrived in Newfoundland and Labrador.In Corner Brook he and his wife Eileen established a thriving florist business.Then, in his forties, he followed a lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer. Againhis persistence and drive paid off, and Frank rose to the position of SeniorCrown Prosecutor. In Walking TowardsSunrise, Frank Gronich, with both humour and searing honesty, tell theunforgettable story of his journey from dispossession to fulfillment.


Frank Gronich died in 2015