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The Band Screeched Inn will be joining us on May 6th at 1pm. They are launching their debut album! They are coming to entertain you and to keep these artist coming back it is important we support them by grabbing their CD. All proceeds from the sales of the Screeched Inn cd will go to the band.  Screech Inn Ceremony at 2pm.

Screeched Inn is the definition of what you’d expect from a down home, east coast kitchen party – upbeat, folk-based music, tightly performed in beautiful three part harmony. Combining sharp wit, high energy, audience participation, and the finest in Celtic and Canadian music, these boys make every show an interactive event. Heck, if the venue is licensed, they’ll even bring the rum for an official Screech-in Ceremony!! Collectively, this band packs 50+ years of performing experience into its membership. 2 diplomas and a degree in music theatre performance. Film, television, radio, voiceovers, major league sports anthems, jingles/advertising, theatre, arenas and improvisational comedy – you name it, they`ve done it! All this contributes to a unique musical experience for an audience of any age.  Whether its a traditional Newfoundland Kitchen Party, a corporate event, or Celtic festival, your celebration isn’t complete without Screeched Inn!

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Aggie McPhee and Rocky from the Rock is joining our Kitchen Party. This duo is super funny and talented. If you need your heart warmed and a smile on your face then we will see you at Freezerland on the 18th!


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